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15 In-Demand Jobs That Pay $150,000 or More

Care to land one of the top 15 highest-paying jobs today?

15 In-demand Jobs That Pay $150,000 a Year or More

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It’s hard to think that anyone would refuse one of the highest-paid jobs or isn’t working on getting a hold of one.

You might be a student struggling to finish your four-year college degree or someone who thinks your current field isn’t for you.

We are listing all the most lucrative jobs globally, so you can change or mold your career according to what you think is the best for you.

#1 Neurosurgeon

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Being a neurosurgeon is one of the most highly specialized occupations globally. Making a six-figure salary of $381,500 per year is the top paying job globally, taking the top spot in our list of high-paying jobs. There seems to be no better-paying job than this.

Being a neurosurgeon requires an immense amount of education and experience in the medical field. It is a highly demanding job which makes sense when you have to deal with the intricate details of the human nervous system.

The career path to becoming a neurosurgeon is long and hard, but the payoff is certainly worth it.

The educational requirements for being a specialist surgeon are stringent. After eight years of med school plus residency and a year in general surgery, you’re finally out the doorstep and beginning your journey as a neurosurgeon.

A minimum of five years and a maximum of seven years of further education and training in a neurosurgery school or program is required. Also, being in healthcare is a very recession-proof job field, where you’ll have high job security.

#2 Anesthesiologists

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Being an anesthesiologist is an extremely rewarding job. Taking home an annual paycheck of $331,190 is why this career option is in our second spot. To get paid with that amount comes with its fair share of responsibility and hardship.

It's a highly specialized field that requires you to complete four years of medical school, followed by a minimum of four years of residency. Past that point, employment opportunities are plentiful, and six figures don’t come easy.

Uncertainty is a significant factor in this job. You might be following a particular schedule, but surgeries can be very long, and a minor mishap can further prolong the procedure. An anesthesiologist's job doesn’t end after the surgery: they are responsible for relieving the patients' pain even after they are out of the operation.

#3 Data Scientist

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The field of IT is ever-growing, more so in data science. LinkedIn has reported a high-demand trend with a 46% increase in Data Science job openings since 2019. “A hot market for Data Scientists” is how Fortune puts it, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 22% increase in information research scientist jobs for this decade.

A data scientist earns an average of $150,000 annual wage. Emphasis on average as this isn’t a fixed number, and the more experience you have, the better opportunities are presented to you.

So if you are thinking about getting your software engineering degree or diploma, this should help you decide. There isn’t a lot of saturation in the data science field yet, and the field itself is vast and full of endless opportunities.

#4 Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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Generally referred to as OB-GYNs, this is the combination of two fields in one. Obstetricians deal with the surgical aspect of childbirth. On the other hand, gynecologists handle and help their patients by prescribing medicines and primarily dealing with their reproductive health.

Professional salary data states that OB-GYNs’ wage is around $208,000 per year, making it one of the best-paying jobs. This occupation comes with its fair share of high-pressure scenarios and irregular schedules. Babies don’t care whether you’re at a party or sleeping after 36 hours of staying awake.

An OB-GYN is responsible for the health of their patients and their babies, making sure both of them are safe and sound and continue to remain that way. Besides that, dealing with non-baby-related stuff is also part of the job description, such as acting as medical counselors and advisors for women.

#5 Psychiatrist

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Occupational employment statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that psychiatrists go home with an average annual salary of $249,760.

Psychiatrists deal with health issues related to the mind. They help diagnose the problem, identify the probable cause, and help your patients deal with it. They help their patients generally every step of their way to betterment.

This profession might take a toll on you mentally and physically. Keeping balance is crucial for your own and your patient's sake.

#6 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Now, this isn’t a job you can get right after getting your Bachelor’s Degree unless you own a start-up, then you can appoint yourself as the CEO of your company. Congratulations, you made it!

The median annual salary of a CEO is $200,140. This job comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to oversee many people working under you, and it’s your job to make sure both the people and the company under you prosper.

Several years of experience in the relevant field are required to make the proper decisions that will take the company or organization you’re responsible for to even greater heights.

It’s one of the most important jobs for women, as you’ll be a role model for many other women who want to climb the corporate ladder. Even in this era, only 9.2% of Fortune 500 companies have a female CEO. While this is a significant climb from barely 1% in 2000, we still have a long way to go.

#7 Prosthodontist

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You’ve probably seen an old grandma take out her teeth and put them in a glass full of water beside her bed. Most likely on TV. Well, a prosthodontist made those prostheses.

Their responsibilities include designing and constructing oral prostheses for their patients. Every mold differs with each patient and has to be catered to accordingly. A bit of good handiwork and creativity is a plus point for a prosthodontist.

A prosthodontist makes approximately $196,960 per year for all this work, making it one of the highest-paying occupations.

#8 Dentist

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Dentists charge a nice amount for their services, and rightfully so. Like other doctors, they also have to grind for many years in dental school to get their degrees.

Dealing with everything related to your teeth, gums, and everything in between is the job description of a dentist. They take home around $174,110 per year on average for their services.

Being a dentist is one of the most rewarding and highest-paid jobs in America.

#9 Airline Pilots

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Courtesy JetBlue

Being an airline pilot is one of the best jobs that pay well. They make absolute bank while traveling worldwide and seeing all sorts of destinations while getting paid. Such great benefits, right?

So if your dream is to travel around the world, then getting a job in aerospace as an airline pilot is one of the best careers.

On top of that, making an average salary of $198,190 per year doesn’t sound too bad, does it now?

#10 Petroleum Engineer

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Dealing with natural oil and gasses is a definite way to make good salaries. After all, these are the things that make the world go around. A petroleum engineer extracts gas and black gold in their raw form to be processed.

Furthermore, thinking of ways to streamline the process and make it cost-efficient is also part of the job.

Working on a petroleum engineering degree, passing the licensure exam, and pursuing a career in this field will bring big bucks. The median salary is $154,780 per year for this job.

#11 It Manager

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At the heart of every company nowadays is its IT infrastructure, and the person tasked to maintain, improve, upgrade, and supervise this infrastructure is an IT manager. The average yearly salary for this job is $142,530.

Being an IT manager or information systems manager is a lot of responsibility. When a computer network security breach or crash occurs, it could cost the company millions of dollars. That’s why IT skills are among the high-income skills that are good to have.

Usually requiring a college degree in engineering or computer technology, the job also demands a lot of experience in multiple aspects of the IT field.

The rapid advancement of technology is also an important factor in why IT managers earn a high income, and their demand will only grow. Their job is to keep up with the trends so their company doesn’t fall behind the curve.

#12 Big Data Engineer

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Properly analyzing the latest trends and user behavior is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. The data generated by the masses each day is monstrous.

A Big Data Engineer analyzes all that data, extracting crucial information from it and ensuring that such information will improve ongoing or future projects. Aside from data analytics, handling the entire process of developing and deploying applications that help make the job easier is also part of the job.

Big data engineers are very well paid. Making $140,000 per year on average is a good deal seeing how jobs related to the IT field are very high in demand.

#13 Blockchain Engineer

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Making over $150,000 per year and becoming a blockchain engineer is a solid decision. Plus, the job title sounds pretty cool.

Blockchain engineers manage business models and go through the software development process using blockchain technology. That means developing and deploying applications and implementing solutions according to the company's needs.

Due to the rise in the dealing and influx of multiple cryptocurrencies during recent times, the job growth in this field has been immense, and all of them offer a high salary.

#14 Marketing Manager

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Marketing managers need to be people with sharp and creative minds to make them best suited for this job. A general understanding of the human psyche is essential: you’ll be devising strategies to best capture your target audience’s attention, for which you also need above-average communication skills.

In this managerial role, you will be overseeing the creative process and give it a thumbs up if everything is well.

Being a marketing manager is a high-paid job, making approximately $145,620 per year. One benefit of this job is the bonuses or commissions you might get depending on the sales. The amount, in turn, depends on the policy of your company or organization.

#15 Lawyer

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The last entry in our list of highest-paying jobs in the US is being a lawyer. The profession has firm roots throughout human history, and everyone is well aware of it.

On average, a law practitioner earns $141,890 per year. The road to becoming a lawyer comes with exams that you’ll have to pass to get your law school or college degree. You then must pass the bar. After that, you get your license to practice law with a private law firm or with government agencies.

Since the legal field is vast, there are many routes you can take; starting your firm is one of them. One thing to note is that this being one of the oldest professions, the job market for this might be a bit more saturated and the competition tough.

Make $150,000 or More

This 1-Minute Change Can Make Your Resume Go from Average to Great
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Having identified and listed the top-paying jobs at present, have you decided? It’s up to you to consider whether these high-paying careers fit your preferences, skill-set, and life goals. If you already have a career, starting a side hustle to make an extra $1000 a month or looking for ways to make $200 fast in a day could be a better way to get your total salary to $150k+.

But overall, any of these jobs would contribute to fattening up your bank account in the future and giving back to society through the important functions and services they play. Choose well!

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25 Spooky Books for Young Readers of All Ages

As you’ve no doubt read on a 100 other articles since the calendar turned the page to October 1, we’re now in “spooky season.” I’m not sure why the whole month of October is Halloween-themed, or why pumpkin spice lattes come out earlier every year. That’s just life in America these days.

And now that school is back in session, I know kids across the nation are looking for their next easy reader or chapter book to get a jump on that semester-long reading challenge.

While there are plenty of classic reads out there, but, of course, it’s easier to get kids to read if it’s interesting — to them. I personally would usually recommend one of Madeleine L’Engle’s novels, The Hobbit, or traditional standbys like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. But given the time of year, and that there are only so many times you can watch the Hocus Pocus films, how about a list of 16 spooky stories I think your kids will love.


The Spooky Smells of Halloween by Mary Man-Kong, illustrated by Viviana Garofoli

Join Little Sammy and his friends as they explore the world of Halloween, complete with scratch and sniff. Bob for apples, eat scary-shaped Halloween cookies and go trick-or-treating for other spooky treats.

Pumpkins by Gail Gibbons

With this book, your child will learn all about the center of the Halloween celebration – Pumpkins! Find out the different kinds of pumpkins, how they grow, and how people use and enjoy them—especially at Thanksgiving and Halloween. You can even add your own interactive element by letting kids watch (or carefully help) carve a jack-o-lantern or bake a pie.

Spooky Pookie (Little Pookie) by Sandra Boynton

Little Pookie doesn’t know what he wants to be for Halloween. So he tries on costumes one by one, not finding quite the right thing. Until he does!

Ages 4-8 / Pre-k-3rd Grade

Kid del Toro (Lil' Libros) by Chogrin Muñoz, and illustrated by Pakoto Martinez

I loved this book when I saw it at WonderCon last year. Inspired by the fantastical and delightful childhood stories shared by filmmaker Guillermo del ToroKid del Toro follows young Guillermo as he defies his Abuela to stay up late to read monster stories and unexpectedly meets his very first best friend. This book has the added bonus of teaching language skills. The book opens wide, and the story is in English on one side, Spanish on the other.

A Friend for Ghost by Suzanne Kaufman

It’s hard for Ghost to make new friends. Not everyone can see them. And the folks who can see get scared. It all changes when Ghost meets a red balloon – they do everything together – except balloons aren’t known for, hanging around. Luckily, sometimes when you’re looking for a friend, a friend might find you.

Amara’s Farm (Where In the Garden?) by JaNay Brown-Wood, illustrated by Samara Hardy

The Where in the Garden series introduces kids to seasonal produce. And it starts with Amara at harvest time. Amara needs a pumpkin for her potluck, so she searches through the farm, discovering apples, cauliflower, eggplant, okra, and more. This book is for younger readers, 3-7, but it also includes a real recipe for yummy molasses pumpkin bread that your child can make to share with their diverse friends at the big potluck!

Boo Stew by Donna L. Washington, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

You may know Goldilocks, but how about Curly Locks? She lives in Toadsuck Swamp and loves to cook – she’s just not very good at it. But when the residents get terrorized by daytime Scares, Curly Locks and her unique talents may be their only hope.

Hansel & Gretel by Bethan Woollvin

This is one of many recent reworkings of classic tales – or reworkings of gentrified retellings of classic fairy tales literally meant to scare children. This time, we enter the classic Grimm story through Willow, who was fine just being a humble witch until these naughty, rude kids came around and started eating her house, stealing her magic books, and mucking up spells. She’ll just have to do something about it. (And there’s an unexpected twist at the end!)

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! based on the Peanuts strips by Charles Schultz and the 1966 animated special, adapted by Kara McMahon, and illustrated by Scott Jeralds,

Do I really have to explain the story of this 56-year-old TV special? It’s Halloween night. Charlie Brown has a horrible costume; kids go trick or treating; Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin, etc., etc. Introduce your kids to the book, cause who knows if Apple TV+ will let non-subscribers see it this year.

Ages 8-12 / 4th-8th Grade

Nina Soni, Halloween Queen by Kashmira Sheth, illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky

Nina Soni is a competitive, if easily distracted, Indian–American girl who always has to come out on top. When searching for special costume pieces, she finds empty boxes in the basement and decides to create an impressively scary haunted house. That was the plan anyway. The Nina Soni books are good short chapter books that also subtly teaches about Indian and Hindu culture as she shares about her life. Fans of Disney+’s Ms. Marvel will definitely enjoy them.

Middle School Bites: Night of the Vam-Wolf-Zom by Steven Banks, illustrated by Mark Fearing

Tom the Vam-Wolf-Zom is back—and so is the zombie that bit him—in this monstrously funny series about a boy who’s dying to fit in. Eleven-year-old Tom was bit by a vampire, a werewolf, and a zombie right before the first day of middle school. Yeah. Now add all the normal middle school stuff on top of being the world’s only Vam-Wolf-Zom. Thankfully, his zombie sire’s pretty cool.

The Tell-Tale Heart & Other Tales by Edgar Allan Poe.

Some folks want to reserve Poe for high school, but this collection of the author's beloved short stories is a good introduction to the author and his gothic sensibilities without being (too) nightmare-inducing. Along with “The Tell-Tale Heart,” we have “The Pit and The Pendulum,” “Cask of Amontillado,” “The Masque of the Red Death” and a few others. Plus, they’re all quick reads they’ll start to enjoy before they realize they “don’t like reading.”

Black Sand Beach 3: Have You Seen the Darkness? by Richard Fairgray

Kelsey and Casey visited Black Sand Beach in the 90s, back when it was a legit beach town with boogie boards, ice cream, and T-shirt shops. But they weren’t on a summer escape. They were tagging along on their dad’s monster-hunting mission. They found one. And it ate them. But are the ghosts Dash befriended really his pals – or evil wearing their faces? Dash and his living friends will have to find some way to defeat the evil, before Darkness takes Dash for his own.

The Candy Mafia by Lavie Tidhar, illustrated by Daniel Duncan

When you outlaw candy, only the outlaws will have candy! Nelle Faulkner is a preteen Sam Spade, reminiscent of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Brendan in Brick. When notorious candy gangster Eddie de Menthe asks for her help finding a missing teddy bear, Nelle Faulkner is on the case. But when her client goes missing, she’ll first have to unmask the true faces behind the smuggling ring.

Whispering Pines by Heidi Lang & Kati Bartkowski.

When 12-year-old Rae Carter moves to Whispering Pines, CT, she’s determined to be normal. So no talk of aliens and her dad’s mysterious disappearance. But… When children start disappearing, Rae finds herself teamed up with very abnormal ghost hunter Caden to solve the twisty supernatural mystery.

Only If You Dare: 13 Stories of Darkness and Doom by Josh Allen, illustrated by Sarah J. Coleman

A threatening board game. A snowman that refuses to melt. Even your own heartbeat has its secrets. Drawing on his own love of Poe, master storyteller Josh Allen brings thirteen nightmare scenarios involving everyday objects to life in this page-turning follow-up to Out to Get You: 13 Tales of Weirdness and Woe that's perfect for budding horror junkies. With a glow in the dark cover!

Eleanor, Alice, and the Roosevelt Ghosts by Dianne K. Salerni

Murderous ghosts and buried family secrets threaten young Eleanor and Alice Roosevelt in this thrilling middle-grade novel that puts a supernatural spin on alternate history. It's 1898 in New York City and ghosts exist among humans. When unusual spirits take up residence at the Roosevelt house, introverted Eleanor and unruly Alice develop an unlikely friendship as they explore the family's dark, complicated history. It's up to them to destroy both ghosts and come to terms with their family's losses.

Ghost Hunter’s Daughter by Dan Poblocki

Lucas’ grandmother can speak to the dead. And Lucas might have inherited her “gift.” Especially when the new girl’s dead mom shows up. Whether she wants to or not, Claire is drawn into a weird partnership with Lucas, as they search for her missing dad – a famous TV ghost hunter who disappeared while on a night search. Great for young fans of the show Supernatural.

Ages 14+ / High School and Up

The Ghosts of Rose Hill by R. M. Romero

Magic will burn you up. Aspiring violinist and biracial Jewish girl Ilana finds love and herself while helping free the spirit of the shy, sweet ghost boy she met in a Prague cemetery. Based on the author’s experiences working to maintain Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe, The Ghosts of Rose Hill is a modern fairytale about embracing your power, facing your monsters, and loving deeply enough to transcend a century.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Called the greatest haunted house story ever written, Jackson’s novel is, of course, the inspiration for the Netflix series as well as two previous movie adaptations. The 1959 gothic horror classic is best known for eliciting an emotional, rather than fearful response. Elements that Jackson introduced or adapted for this novel still influence horror on the page today. It’s even said to have inspired Stephen King in the writing of Rose Red, along with the real-life Winchester House.

Murder for the Modern Girl by Kendall Kulper

1928 Chicago. Gangsters run City Hall, jazz fills the air, and every good girl’s purse conceals a flask – and maybe an extra surprise. A soft-spoken genius toils away in the city morgue, desperate to unearth the science behind his gift for shapeshifting. Meanwhile, a ravishing young mind reader prowls the streets for men to murder. In a Promising Young Woman twist, she only uses her power to take down the men who would victimize young girls. Love wasn’t in the cards for either of them – but it is now.

The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole

Considered to be the original gothic thriller, It tells the story of Manfred, the prince of Otranto, who battles a mysterious curse to secure his family castle. When his son is crushed to death on his wedding day, Manfred divorces his wife and marries the boy’s fiancé Isabella. It mixes realism with the supernatural, giving us the first secret passages, clanging trapdoors, hidden identities, and vulnerable heroines. The story heavily influenced Guillermo Del Toro when he was making the film Crimson Peak.

Hell Followed With Us by Andrew Joseph White

In this post-apocalyptic thriller, trans boy Benji teams up with an LGBTQ+ youth center to take down the fundamentalist cult who turned him into a monster. The same cult that brought about Armageddon. Their only hope is to stop the cultists before Benji loses control – or is he being manipulated by his new friends too?

Shade: The Complete Trilogy: A Re-Imagining of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein by Merrie Destefano

When Mary Wollstonecroft Godwin accepted an invitation to Lord Byron’s house party deep in the Swiss Alps, she hoped it would serve as a welcome distraction from her broken heart. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by enigmatic guests with their own dangerous secrets to hide. DeStefano takes the real-life events that led to the penning of Frankenstein and mashes them up with elements from the other fireside stories told at Byron’s house – from giant, shape-shifting wolves to enigmatic and impossibly charming man-like creatures who crave the taste of virgin blood. Don’t go out after dark.

The Bitterwine Oath by Hannah West

San Solano, Texas has experienced two instances of ritualistic murder. Years apart, 12 men were killed horrifically, and 18-year-old Nat Colter is starting to believe her great-great-grandmother's magical sisterhood of wronged women might be connected to the deaths. But on which side? Urban legend or supernatural protectors – Nat must choose which to believe if she hopes to save her town.

Adult / Honorable Mentions

My personal favorite ghost story is Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas. The whole 7-book series is good, but the original has all the scares and weirdness needed, with a man who sees the spirits of the restless dead (and one not so restless deceased Alfred Hitchcock), as well as bodochs – evil spirits who drag the guilty to hell.

This is always a great time of year to revisit the classic horror you love. Whether it’s rereading Bram Stoker’s Dracula (or one of his great grand-nephew’s Dacre’s contributions to the lore), Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or HP Lovecraft’s twisted Chthonic tales, there are plenty of scary stories out there for those of us who feel more grown up.

So leave Netflix off for a change and let your imagination scare you – and your kids more than some jump scares from the latest reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street.

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The 10 Surprising Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip During Midterm Elections

All eyes are on the Senate this fall as midterms draw near. The competition is steep and the gap between the two parties is closing. Here are the ten Senate seats that are expected to flip this November.

1. Pennsylvania

pat toomey MSN
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Republican Pat Toomey (retiring)

The race to replace Representative Pat Toomey is a tight one. Democrat John Fetterman was holding a 5% lead over Republican Mehmet Oz; however, the Democrat may face a challenge due to Oz having policies that would improve voters' economic circumstances. These types of policies are green flags for voters, especially with the state of the economy and rising inflation at the forefront of everyone's minds going into midterms.

2. Nevada

Catherine Cortez Masto MSN 1
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto

Republicans have done their best to tie Mastro to Washington spending and inflation, which could very well resonate with voters who live in a state where gas has gone back above $5 a gallon. Democrats, on the other hand, are leveraging abortion rights and claiming that a GOP-controlled Senate could potentially pass a national abortion ban.

3. Georgia

Raphael Warnock MSN 1
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Democrat Raphael Warnock

Warnock's edge over Republican Herschel Walker has narrowed, but Warnock is still outperforming Biden, who flipped Georgia by less than 12,000 votes. Warnock seems to be attempting to project a bipartisan image, which he seemingly hopes will help him hold on in a historically red state. Democrats are hoping that enough voters will not even consider Walker as a viable option. They have ramped up domestic violence allegations as well as airing unflattering stories about his business record.

4. Wisconsin

Ron Johnson MSN
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Republican Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is the only Republican who will be running for reelection in a state that Biden won in 2020. Although Johnson has had low approval ratings for most of his cycle, he has been underestimated before. Democratic candidate Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes swept the primary after his toughest opponent dropped out of the race. He is now facing backlash on comments he has made in the past about eliminating cash bail and redirecting funding from police budgets to social services.

5. Arizona

Mark Kelly MSN 1
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Democrat Mark Kelly

Even though Kelly is considered to be one of the most vulnerable Senate incumbents, his opponent Blake Masters has nowhere near the amount of funding Kelly has at his disposal. Kelly is known as a well-funded incumbent with a strong personal brand, so Republicans have a lot of work to do if they want his seat. Masters has moderated his position on abortion after winning the primary, but Kelly has continued to target that issue.

6. North Carolina

Richard Burr MSN
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Republican Richard Burr (retiring)

This particular race to replace the retiring senator hasn't gained as much national attention since a Democrat hasn't won the seat in North Carolina since 2008. The race has remained relatively tight, however, with Democratic nominee Cheri Beasley gunning to be the state's first black senator. Democrats are hoping she will be able to rile up the rural black voters who might otherwise not vote in the election. They are also hoping that moderate Republicans and independents will see Burr as too extreme.

7. New Hampshire

Maggie Hassan MSN 1
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Democrat Maggie Hassan

The Republican nominee, retired Army Brig. General Don Bolduc won the primary and is now taking on first-term Democrat Maggie Hassan. His biggest obstacle will be funding. He only managed to raise $579,000 compared to Hassan, who raised $31.4 million. A year ago, Republicans were still holding out for Governor Chris Sununu. He would be a popular abortion-rights-supporting nominee in a historically blue state. Bolduc has publicly stated that he would vote against a national abortion ban, but Hassan and the Senate Majority PAC have focused in on another part of the interview where he said the senator should “get over” the abortion issue.

8. Ohio

Rob Portman MSN
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Republican Rob Portman (retiring)

Republican nominee J.D. Vance hasn't had much luck with fundraising, which has forced Senate Leadership Fund to redirect millions to his campaign. Democrat Tim Ryan had the airwaves to himself all summer, leaving Republicans scrambling to gain back ground. Polling is showing a tight race with no clear leader. Vance, who was Trump's pick, will have to work hard to consolidate GOP support after a rough primary in May.

9. Florida

Marco Rubio MSN 1
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Republican Marco Rubio

Democrats will be facing an uphill battle with Rubio, given that Florida is a historically red state. Democratic nominee Val Demings is a strong candidate who managed to outraise the GOP incumbent. She relies heavily on her background as the former Orlando police chief, and a lot of her advertising centers around that.

10. Colorado

Michael Bennet MSN 1
Photo Credit: Public Domain.

Incumbent: Democrat Michael Bennet

Because of GOP fundraising trouble in other states, there hasn't been a lot of extra funding to give to Colorado. Bennet is up against a strong opponent, businessman Joe O'Dea, who openly opposes the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. He displays the importance of family by featuring his wife and daughter in his ads and has vowed not to vote the party line in Washington. Bennet, however, has zeroed in on O'Dea for a failed 2020 ballot measure that would ban abortions after 22 weeks and says that no matter what O'Dea says about supporting abortion rights, he would give McConnell the majority he would need to pass a national abortion ban.

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joe biden MSN 4
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

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Star Trek: The Original Series Revisited: “The Changeling”

“The Changeling” is an episode with a hybrid threat; it fuses a Cold War fear of high-tech apocalypse with a WW II fear of fascist eugenics.

Smooshing those anxieties together creates a vivid sense of dread. Writer John Meredyth Lucas and director Marc Daniels recapture a bit of the horror vibe of the first two Star Trek episodes, “The Man Trap” and “Charlie X”.

The dual metaphors also create thematic confusion though. You can’t really by-your-own-logic fascism to death, and suggesting you can seems dangerously glib.  Scrappy imperfection triumphing over cold logic is supposed to feel empowering. But, in our current historical moment at least, it just feels kind of silly.

The Daleks Invade Star Trek

Like many a Star Trek episode over the years, this one starts with a distress call. The Enterprise arrives in the Malurian star system in response. But instead of 4 billion souls, they find no life at all. This, everyone agrees is bad.

And things soon get worse. The Enterprise is attacked by a series of incredibly powerful energy pulses. Their shields are just about to go down when they identify the source—a very dense, meter-long object. They open communications as a last-ditch effort to save themselves and are surprised when they receive a response. After some discussion, they beam the entity aboard.

And what is said entity? Well, it’s basically a Dalek, first introduced on Dr. Who in 1963. It’s about the right height, and it has the same kind of antennae and probes sticking out. It’s got a similar goal of extermination.  The big difference is that this evil robot floats in the air and is called Nomad. Also, it can destroy star systems.

After much questioning and analysis, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and First Officer Spock (Leonard Nimoy) figure out that Nomad was originally a probe from Earth programmed to search out life. It was mostly destroyed in a meteor storm, but it limped along and somehow fused with an alien probe designed to sterilize soil samples.

It ended up thinking its mission was to find and sterilize all imperfections, including all biological life. So it’s basically a roving uber-powerful eugenic nuclear apocalypse. There are some great Nomad point-of-view shots where the mechanism floats through the Enterprise as humans glance at it with fear and uncertainty. It’s a clanky death approaching steadily and without haste.

The only thing protecting the Enterprise is that Nomad thinks Kirk is its Creator. The original Nomad model was built by genius inventor Jackson Roykirk, and the supposedly perfect robot got the names garbled. Since it thinks Kirk is the boss of it, it follows his instructions to some degree and doesn’t immediately kill everyone.

Even so, it murders a bunch of security personnel and mind-wipes Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) because it doesn’t like her singing. It also kills Chief Engineer Scott (James Doohan), but then at Kirk’s command, it fixes him up good as new.

Eventually even the dumbest super-intelligent robot can figure out it’s made a boo-boo, and Nomad does at last tweak to the fact that Kirk is just another imperfect biological doofus. It stops obeying him, and heads to engineering to shut off the life support system and free the Enterprise of its biological infestation. After that, it threatens to return to Earth and sterilize (ie, kill) everyone there.

But that biological infestation is hard to disinfest. Kirk confronts Nomad and points out that it has mistaken him for its creator. Therefore it is imperfect. And since its mission is to destroy all that is imperfect, it must destroy itself. This fuses the robot’s circuits; it begins to gibber and blink. The crew rushes it to the transporter and beams it into space just as it explodes.

Robot vs. Jazz

Nomad’s demise is similar to that of Landru, another computer Kirk prompted to self-destruct.  Landru, though, was a Communist computer; it self-destructed when it realized it was not benefiting the collective.

Nomad doesn’t care about any collective. Its programming is fascist; it is out to eliminate all that doesn’t meet its standards of purity. For Nomad, that doesn’t just mean one group of humans. It means all humans.

Still, its first target is telling. Nomad is floating quietly enough in engineering when it hears Uhura singing a jazzy song over the intercom. It goes to the bridge to confront her and demands to know why she is singing. When she replies that she just likes to sing, Nomad scans her brain, erasing all her memories.

It justifies the assault by saying, “That unit is defective. Its thinking is chaotic. Absorbing it unsettled me.” Spock responds “That unit is a woman”; it’s not clear whether he’s protesting her treatment or making a really unfortunate misogynist joke.

In any case, the Nazis, obviously, hated Black people. They also hated Black cultural output, especially jazz. They believed Black people were uncivilized, imperfect, and childlike. And so Nomad reduces Uhura to a childlike state;. She spends the rest of the episode relearning her (multiple) languages and regaining her technical training. (The rest of the crew is disturbingly cavalier about Uhura’s regression and seem to take her incredibly unlikely full recovery as a given. But that’s Star Trek.)

Nomad thus uses the language of racist eugenics—the sterilization of the imperfect—to target, first of all, a Black woman performing jazz. The threat of cataclysmic mechanical annihilation, always top of mind in the Cold War, is linked, not to Communism, but to fascism.

Are Fascists Really Logic Machines?

The thing about fascism, though, is that it is not especially logical. Kirk defeats Nomad by demonstrating that it has made a mistake, and then stepping back as it destroys itself in shame. It’s as if Trump exploded after realizing he’d lied about the size of one of his crowds. Which is, I think everyone would agree, an unlikely scenario.

Fascists are sometimes presented as models of brutal efficiency. Resistance, in that case, can be framed as a matter of rejecting the stark, inhuman machine logic of progress and regiment. You can fight the power by slouching, loosening your tie, and maybe singing a song or two with feeling.

It’s hard to look at resurgent fascism, with its clown car of Steve Bannon's, Tucker Carlson's, and Putin's, and come to the conclusion that the danger we’re facing is an excess of efficiency and consistency. Right-wing nationalists cheerfully abandon rudimentary logic for sprawling conspiracy theories and barely coherent moral panics over fentanyl. You can’t shame them by pointing out that their leader isn’t who they thought he was.

Obviously, it’s an hour-long television show. They need to wrap up world-threatening menaces in 50 minutes. There are going to be a certain number of plot contrivances.

The idea that you can debate fascists into defeat using their own logic, though, comes across as especially naïve and ill-considered right now. Contra Nomad, the logic of genocide isn’t really logical. It’s just hate. There’s not much point in arguing with that.

Rating: 7.3/10 SPECS

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.


10 Life Lessons Most of Us Learn Too Late

If you aren’t continuously learning, you are doing something wrong.

Every year, I learn something new. It’s a process I love, and this habit of learning has made me wiser. The more we know, the more successful we become as people.

Here are ten lessons in life that most people (including myself) learn far too late.

1: Health Is More Important Than Wealth

Without good health, your wealth is only meaningful to your kids. Never sacrifice your health for money unless that sacrifice is temporary or necessary to keep the lights on and food on the table. The more you focus on your health, the lower your future healthcare bill. The more active and confident you’ll feel. The longer you will get to play with your kids. There’s nothing that should come between you and your health.

2: Working Smart > Working Hard

“Hard work” wins the race, right? Well, not exactly. While there’s nothing wrong with working hard, we also need to ensure we’re working on the right things. And that’s where working smart comes into play — working smart means spending time on tasks that matter. Smart work means working on things with the biggest payoff and supporting our long-term goals.

3: Risk Builds Wealth

To get rich, we need to put our money at risk. Money will never grow when we keep it in a checking or savings account. Instead, investing in appreciating assets like stocks and real estate is how money grows on its own. While there is always a risk of an investment going down, history has shown the stock market goes up over time. With a long-term time horizon, investing in the market has helped millions of people build wealth.

4: Take Risks (Especially Early in Life)

Like money, we tend to grow as people when we take risks. Playing it safe might avoid failures, but it also keeps us from achieving our full potential. And when we use failures as a learning opportunity, our mistakes are often our best teachers. Put yourself out there. Say “yes” to opportunities. The more we do, the more we learn. And wealth is attracted to those who are okay getting in a little over their head.

5: Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Failures make us more experienced people. Wiser. When we make mistakes and learn from them, we know what not to do next time. Sure, our successes are much more satisfying. But, we learn much more from failures than our successes. If you make a mistake, that’s okay. It happens to all of us. Instead of getting upset, learn what to do differently next time.

6: Flexibility Is Key

I used to be rigid in my beliefs, but I’ve learned rigidity flies against the very fabric of life. Life is fluid. It ebbs and flows like our career, money, mood, and everything else. Instead of taking a hard stance on every little thing, flexibility will help us confront more challenges and learn about ourselves (and life) more naturally. Things don’t always have to go to plan. It’s okay for things to change. Often, change is good.

7: Coincidences Are Rare

Even if we don’t directly see them, every decision has consequences. Every choice has a reaction. This includes the words we use, our actions, and how we carry ourselves throughout life. For instance, happy people tend to attract happiness. Likewise, negative people always seem to be “unlucky.” This isn’t a coincidence. Our lives are the result of the choices we make, not just random actions that happen to us.

8: Other People Don’t Care About You

I learned this one much too late in life, but it’s true. Most people aren’t discussing us at their dinner tables. As a result, it’s a waste of time worrying about what they think of us. It doesn’t matter if other people disapprove of the way we operate. You do you. What other people think of you, the clothes you wear, and the car you drive, won’t make you more successful.

9: Live in the Moment

While it’s always a good idea to establish and work toward future goals, it’s also essential to appreciate our lives today. It’s too easy to let our careers consume our minds. When we do this, we lose sight of everything good that’s happening in our lives. So every day, take time to reflect on everything you have and appreciate the family you’ve built and your things. After all, there are a lot of people in the world who would love to be in your position.

10: Your EQ Will Open Doors That Your IQ Won’t

While your skills and experience play a significant role throughout your life, your EQ, or emotional intelligence, plays an equally important role. Your EQ measures how well you learn new things and interact with people inside and outside the workplace. The easier it is for other people to work with you, the easier it will be to make friends and get opportunities.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.


33 Apps That Make it Easy To Make Money From Your Phone

How many times have you caught yourself wasting time on your phone? Instead of scrolling social media, why not put that time to good use and make money from your phone?

There are many ways you can make money just by using your phone. For example, you can take surveys, earn cash back, sell various products and services, or even get paid to sit around and watch videos.

Apps To Make Money From Your Phone

These days 44% of Americans work some type of side hustle to increase their income. Some factors such as irregular work schedules and lack of childcare can make it difficult to put in extra hours at your job or pick up a part-time job. Still, you have options – you can make money from your phone however you can make it fit into your day.

You can use many different types of mobile apps to generate extra cash. While it's unlikely you'll earn a substantial amount of money from these apps, it is possible to make a decent side income each week, depending on how much time you're willing to spend.

Play Games on Your Phone

Getting paid to play games on your cell phone sounds too good to be true. But that doesn't hold true in this case. In fact, some of the most popular and highest-paying apps are actually apps that pay you to play games on your phone.

1. Bingo Cash

The old classic has gone digital, and if fast-paced games are your thing, Bingo Cash is the game for you. Challenge other players in free or paid matches to win real cash prizes.

All opponents play with the same card, so each 2-minute game is a fair match-up based on your Bingo skills. First, get the highest score to win the match. Then, collect your gems or winnings and cash out securely via PayPal.

Note: Cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, IA, LA, DE, and SC

Available on iOS and Samsung.

2. Solitaire Cash

Your days of playing solo Solitaire are gone; now, you can play this modern version against players worldwide right from your phone. Download the free Solitaire Cash app and enjoy fair matches against opponents with the same deck.

If you prefer, challenge yourself in solo mode and join free and paid tournaments. Be one of the top three to win cash prizes!

Note: Cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, IN, IA, LA, ME, MD, SC, MT, and SD.

Available on iOS and Samsung.

3. Block Blitz

Move over Tetris, Block Blitz is here, and you don't need a game console to play. This challenging game will put your brainpower to the test as you race to clear lines.

Available on iOS.

4. Freecash

Freecash is an app that will pay you to play games on your mobile phone; however, at this time, Freecash is only available for Android users.

In addition to playing games, Freecash will also give you cash rewards to complete tasks and online surveys. Recommended offers will appear on the “earn page.” Choose from hundreds of tasks to complete to earn coins.

Create a free account using your email address and start earning. Cash out your coins for a PayPal deposit, free gift cards, or even cryptocurrency – 1,000 coins equals $1.00.

Available on Android.

5. Strike! by Bowlero

Bowling fans will love this simulated bowling game as it uses the same rules as traditional bowling – sans the stinky shoes.

Enter weekly tournaments and master your technique on classic or blacklight lanes. Then, throw the ball like a pro with the best bowling control system on the AppStore.

Challenge opponents worldwide, participate in special events and win real-world rewards redeemable at local Bowlero, AMF, and Bowlmor locations.

Note: Restricted in US states AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD.

Available on iOS.

Earn Credit Card Points

Technically, earning credit card points isn't necessarily an “app that helps you make money from your phone.” Still, these days credit card points are as good as cash.

Trade them in for free travel, free gift cards, a statement credit on your account, or even transfer the money directly to your bank account.

6. Cash Freely

Cash Freely is a free app to help you make money from your phone. Not only does Cash Freely recommend cashback credit cards, but it also teaches you how to earn as many cashback rewards as possible.

But the best part is that Cash Feely will always recommend the best offers to you – even if they don't make any money by referring you!

Available on Android and iOS.

7. Travel Freely

If you love to travel, check out Cash Freely's sister app, Travel Freely. This free app also teaches you how to maximize your cashback rewards while helping you travel for free!

And just like Cash Feely, Travel Freely will recommend the best cashback cards for travel – even if they don't make any money by referring you!

Available on Android and iOS.

Do Freelance Work

The best thing about freelancing is being your boss and setting your own schedule. Whether it's your sole day job or just a side gig you do in your spare time, freelancing is a great option to earn extra income.

Whether your skills are in customer service, graphic design, or managing social media accounts, use these apps to boost your freelance income.

8. Fiverr

You may have used Fiverr on your web browser before, but the smartphone app makes it even easier to make money as a freelancer. You can offer various different products and services on Fiverr, and people can hire and pay you directly through Fiverr.

List new gigs on the go and answer potential customers' questions on your mobile devices. The more positive reviews you receive, the more appealing your profile and offerings will become to potential customers!

Available on Android and iOS.

Put Money Back in Your Pocket

People often overlook the opportunity to make money by saving money you're already spending. Of course, bringing more income in is always a great idea, but reducing the amount of money you spend is also essential.

These apps will help you keep more of your money in your pocket.

9. Tally

If you have debt, you understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you are wasting your precious income on interest. Tally is an app that will help you pay off your credit cards up to 2x faster, according to their website.

Simply download the app and check to see if you qualify. Checking eligibility will not negatively impact your credit score. If eligible, Tally can help you secure a lower interest rate and help you pay off your high-interest cards fast, and even save you money on fees.

Available on Android and iOS.

10. Rocket Money

Rocket Money (formerly called TrueBill) is a free app that saves you money on your bills and expenses by negotiating better rates on your monthly expenses. Rocket Money also identifies subscriptions you're paying for – but not using – and cancels them on your behalf.

And while Rocket Money doesn't give you cashback rewards or free gift cards, it will help you budget, manage your spending, and even track your credit score and net worth.

Available on Android and iOS.

11. YNAB

Learning how to budget feels like getting a raise, and YNAB can help. Even if you've failed at budgeting in the past, YNAB teaches you how to get an entire month ahead on your bills. In doing so, you begin budgeting with the money already in your bank account instead of your future income.

YNAB has a bit of a learning curve but offers helpful videos and tutorials to teach you how to be successful at budgeting. And while the app does have a fee, using YNAB will save you way more money each month.

According to YNAB, “new budgeters save $600 in their first two months and over $6,000 in the first year!” Try it for free for 34 days.

Available on Android and iOS.

Sell Your Data

If you're looking for a way to make some quick money without having to do anything, you may want to consider selling your data.

12. Tapestri

Large retailers and companies are constantly trying to better understand consumer shopping habits; to do so, they need massive amounts of data.

Tapestri makes money by selling your data to these companies and will pay you to share your personal data with them. Simply download the Tapestri app on your phone and allow it to track all the time – be sure to fully close the app out after setup, so it doesn't drain your battery.

Users can earn up to $25 per month plus bonuses for referring friends.

Available on Android and iOS.

13. Pogo

How does “earning and saving on everything” sound to you? Good? Then the Pogo app is a perfect, simple way to earn free cash.

Pogo allows you to earn on every purchase, save on your finances, and get paid for your data. Download Pogo to your Android or Apple device and start earning.

Available on Android and iOS.

14. HealthyWage

Losing weight can be a frustrating and lonely journey. HealthyWage has created a fun way to lose weight with your friends and get paid for it!

Find a group of friends who want to join you, download the HealthyWage app, set up a free account, set your weight loss goals, and answer a few questions. The calculator will reveal your prize amount.

Going it alone? No problem; if you don't have a group, HealthyWage will assign you to a group. Place your wager, start working toward your goal, and stay on track with weekly weigh-ins and support from other contestants.

Reach your goal and win your prize – it may not be easy money, but it will definitely be worth it!

Available on Android and iOS.

Watch Videos

Watching videos is one of the most popular ways to make money from your phone. Of course, you won't make as much money as a typical job, but these apps will help you make a little extra money in your free time.

15. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the best apps to earn money for doing simple tasks like watching videos, playing mobile games, or making online purchases. Available for Apple and Android devices, this free mobile app pays you in actual cash, not points.

Inbox Dollars also offers a $5 sign-up bonus to new users.

Available on Android and iOS.

16. Swagbucks

While real money casino games are great (and do have the potential to let you win real cash prizes), Swagbucks offers a less risky alternative. Playing games to win real money is one of the many different ways Swagbucks users can make money from their phones.

Swagbucks will pay you points to watch entertaining videos, complete surveys, shop online, and more. Use the Swagbucks app on a regular basis to earn as many points as possible, then redeem them for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, or browse their gift card option to pick from your favorite major retailers.

Get $5 when you sign up for Swagbucks

Available on Android and iOS.

Share Your Opinion

Everyone has an opinion, and companies are willing to pay for it. Whether taking online surveys or participating in focus groups, these apps will let you earn money from your phone for sharing your feedback on products or services.

17. Avatar Community

The Facebook Avatar Feedback Community is an online community where members share their opinions about avatars. Earn money with this unique opportunity and be a part of shaping the future of avatars and virtual reality.

Once you qualify and join, you will be asked to participate in 3 primary and a few smaller activities over the next 4-5 months. The more you contribute, the more you earn, and the more you can redeem.

Note: Must have a Facebook account to participate.

Available on Android and iOS.

18. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the best survey apps and can be found in the App store and the Google Play store. They connect companies that need market research with consumers in their respective markets and pay you to complete online surveys.

Most surveys pay between 100 and 200 points, which users can exchange for cash and online gift cards. Once you've earned $10 in your account, money out by picking free gift cards or transferring your earnings to your PayPal account.

Available on Android and iOS.

19. Toluna Influencers

As a Toluna Influencers member, you are empowered to transform the products and services that matter to you. Toluna Influencers won't make you rich – some of the highest paying surveys only net you $15 – but you can have fun giving feedback.

Like most other sites, you can choose between a PayPal payout or your pick of gift cards. Join now and get 500 welcome points!

Available on Android and iOS.

20. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is another site that conducts surveys for other companies. The survey results help companies improve their products and services, making your opinions valuable. According to Branded Surveys, most surveys pay between $0.50 and $5.00, with no limit on how many you can complete.

Once you sign-up, answer a few questions so Branded Surveys can determine which surveys will be a good fit for you and start earning. Then, redeem your points for cash or choose from over 100 gift card options, plus get 100 bonus points when you sign-up.

Available on Android and iOS.

Rent Out Your Stuff

Do you have an extra room in your house that you're not using? Planning a move or an extended vacation? Good news. Renting out your real estate, spare room, car, etc., is a great way to create an additional income stream.

As C2C (consumer-to-consumer) web services grow in popularity, people are moving away from expensive hotels and rental cars and toward renting transportation and space from people instead of corporations. Use these apps to rent your stuff and get paid.

21. Airbnb

List your home, vacation home, or in-law suite on Airbnb, where the average hosts earn over $13,800 per year.

Taking good photos is one of the keys to success on Airbnb. Make sure your photos show off your space in the best light possible.

Create a complete and accurate listing, taking care to include details that guests will need to know. Then, once your listing is live, promote it on social media.

It would help if you also optimized your listing for relevant keywords so that it shows up when people are searching for places to stay in your area. Then, with some effort, you can earn a decent income as an Airbnb host.

Available on Android and iOS.

22. Neighbor

Neighbor makes renting storage space easy. Turn an extra bedroom, big closet, or garage corner into cash. Some hosts boast that they're making upwards of $15,000 a year!

Use the free neighbor app to easily list your extra parking spot, unpaved lot, or even your empty attic. Neighbors short on space are willing to pay to use your area to store their car, RV, boat, collectibles, or inventory – it's a win-win!

Available on Android and iOS.

23. RVShare

RVShare is another rental app specifically for RV renting RVs. While full-time RV living has exploded in recent years, most RV owners only use their vehicles a portion of the time. So instead of sitting unused, owners can list their RV for rent on the RVShare iOS app when it's not in use.

People who love to travel in an RV but don't own their own can browse the app and pay you to rent your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or classic motorhome for their trip.

Available on iOS.

Make Deliveries

Unlike pizza delivery drivers of the past, the advent of delivery apps has allowed people to deliver food, groceries, and even Target hauls straight to your door. Sign up for one company or multiple and make money from your phone in the margins of your day.

24. Instacart

Instacart allows you to get paid to grocery shop. Sign up as a driver and receive shopping orders on the Instacart app. Accept orders from the Instacart app, do the shopping for the customer, deliver the order to the customer's location, and get paid.

Available on Android and iOS.

25. DoorDash

DoorDash hires users to make food deliveries for customers. Most DoorDash drivers report making up to $25 an hour. If you don't mind driving, picking up orders, and making deliveries this could be an easy side hustle.

Available on Android and iOS.

Invest Money

Investing can be incredibly lucrative, but, of course, it's not without risk. These investing apps allow you to make money by investing and some even offer sign-up bonuses.

26. Acorns

Acorns is an app that tracks your spending, rounds it up to the nearest dollar, and invests the difference. So, for instance, if you spend for $5.75 on your morning Starbucks, Acorns will round your purchase to $6 and deposit the additional $0.25 in your investment account.

Using Acorns is a great way to begin investing when you don't have a lot of extra money to get started.

Available on Android and iOS.

27. M1 Finance

Investing doesn't have to be complicated. The M1 Finance app can help you start building wealth directly from your phone. It simplifies investing and allows you to set up custom ‘pies' to allocate your money to support your financial goals – create your own Pie or choose from M1's pre-built Expert Pies.

The M1 Finance app allows you to do all of your investing research right on its platform and also offers a variety of other accounts to meet all your financial needs.

Available on Android and iOS.

28. Stash

Stash is another app that both saves and makes you money! It rounds up your purchases to invest in stocks and ETFs with low expense ratios. This could make you a pretty penny in the years to come.

Get $20 of free stock when you sign up with Stash.

Available on Android and iOS.

Shop Online

Spending money to make money may sound counterintuitive. However, if you're already shopping online, these apps will reward you with cashback each time you make a qualifying purchase.

Whether you're doing your grocery shopping online or Christmas shopping on your lunch break, getting paid to shop is a no-brainer.

29. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a free grocery savings app that rewards you just for snapping pictures of your receipts. There's no cost to join, and it's easy to use. Every time you shop — whether at a big box store, grocery store, drug store, or hardware store — scan your receipts to get your reward points.

Best of all, Fetch Rewards takes only seconds to earn points. No need to search for offers or clip coupons.

Available on Android and iOS.

30. Drop

The Drop app rewards you for shopping at your favorite stores. Download the app and link a credit or debit card. Next, the app will prompt you to select the five stores you frequent most often when online shopping; each time you complete a purchase at one of these stores, you'll receive points.

Different stores will offer varying amounts of points. Earn 5,000 points (or $50), and you're eligible to redeem them for gift cards at places like Domino's, Trader Joe's, and Amazon.

Available on Android and iOS.

31. Top Cashback

Top Cashback app partners with over 4,000 retailers to bring you the highest-paying cashback offers. Because they pass 100% of their commission along to their users, Top Cashback can offer better deals than their competitors.

Use the Top Cashback app or Chrome browser extension to earn cashback on your online purchases and cash out at any time with no minimum threshold.

Available on Android and iOS.

32. Rakuten

Rakuten (formerly called Ebates) will pay you to shop online. Sign-up is free and easy; they even offer you $10 when you start!

You can earn money by referring friends, earning coupons, and getting cash back from everyday purchases. Rakuten can be an easy way to generate a bit of passive income.

Available on Android and iOS.

Sell Pics

Professional and hobby photographers alike can sell their work to one of the many stock photo sites for members to use. This is a great way to earn some extra cash by doing something you love and getting more eyes on your art.

33. Shutterstock

Download the Shutterstock app or use your desktop to become a contributor and sell your work to Shutterstock. You can earn between 15% and 40% commission when one of your images or videos is downloaded!

Available on Android and iOS.

Sell Feet Pics

Should your photography hobby include subjects that are a bit more, shall we say, racy, Fun With Feet is the site for you. While not technically an app, you can use the site on your mobile device, so it still offers you the opportunity to make money from your phone.

Whether you want to strictly sell feet pics or something more explicit, buyers are waiting for you on Fun With Feet.

Take Your Pick

Realistically, this list only scratches the surface of the options you have to make money from your phone. With a little effort and creativity, there are many opportunities to earn extra cash. Have a hobby you enjoy? There's probably a way to monetize it.

Experiment with some of all of the ideas on this list to determine which ones work best for you and earn you the most money!


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